30 December, 2017

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year, full of health and wholeness, and thriving! ॐ Ann

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New Year Dedication Practice (with Ann Moradian) -- a clearing and cleaning out of old, toxic material (mental, emotional and physical), reconnecting to source and purpose, and aligning to embody our own best becoming in 2018
10h-13h30, January 13, 2018 (Saturday)
55€, pre-registration required

Introduction to ShinGaia YogaTM (with Ann Moradian)

in Paris at Paris Yoga Shala (M° George V)
19h-21h00, January 20, 2018 (Saturday)
gratuit (free), pre-registration required

Yoga Survival Tools for TeenagersTM (with Ann Moradian)*

a 6-week course designed to give teenagers and young adults the tools to help manage stress and anxiety, harness their focus and concentration, develop confidence, relax, replenish and re-energize, handle emotions better, gently  build core strength, relieve lower back pain and tension in the neck and shoulders, and increase flexibility.
14h30-16h00, Saturdays (February 3, 10, 17, 24 and March 17, 24)
180€, pre-registration required

Updated Class Schedule:


Gentle Flow 
ShinGaia Yoga
Hatha Flow
Yoga du Marais
Chair Yoga
ShinGaia Yoga
Yoga Doux
ShinGaia Yoga
Gentle Flow
ShinGaia Yoga
Yoga Doux
YogaYoga Paris
Hatha Flow
YogaYoga Paris

6-week courses:
Hatha Flow - Thursdays 9h30-11h00
Gentle Hatha Flow (doux) - Mondays 19h00-20h30

Chair Yoga - Tuesdays 14h30-15h45 and as scheduled
Yoga Survival Tools for TeenagersTM - Saturday and Sunday afternoons
Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs - on request

13 October, 2017

Yoga Survival Tools® Workshops

Yoga Survival Tools® for Teenagers
A 6-week course designed to give teenagers and young people tools to
- help manage stress and anxiety
- harness their focus and concentration
- relax, replenish and re-energize
- develop confidence and core strength
- handle emotions better
- make healthy choices for themselves
- relieve lower back pain and tension in the neck and shoulders
- increase flexibility

A six-week workshops, beginning the weekend of November 11/12
course fee 180€, pre-registration is required

For more information or to register please contact Ann
by email (moradian.perspectives(a)gmail.com)

04 September, 2017

Classes in Paris resume Tuesday, September 5th

Fall schedule of open group classes:

12:30-13:30 TUESDAYS Integral Hatha Flow (CYM)
15:00-16:00 TUESDAYS, Chair Yoga begins 19/09 (PIM)
19:00-20:15 TUESDAYS, Integral Hatha Flow begins 19/09 (PIM)

12:30-13:30 WEDNESDAYS, Integral Hatha Flow begins 20/09 (PIM)

15:00-16:00 SATURDAYS, Gentle Yoga for Relaxation (YYP)
16:15-17:30 SATURDAYS, Vinyasa Flow (YYP)

10:00-11:15 SUNDAYS, Vinyasa Flow (YYP)
11:30-12:30 SUNDAYS, Gentle Yoga for Healthy Backs (YYP)

Special Programs Coming Up:

- Open House at CYM, September 24th, 17:00-17:45 free taster class w/Ann
- Reading the Body, an embodied literary retreat in the French Alps, October 20-24th
- Yoga Survival Tools for Teenagers 6-week workshop in Paris begins mid-October

Private Classes & On-Site Classes Available
Information about the studios:

CYM - Centre de Yoga du Marais, 72 rue Vertbois, 75003, M° Arts & Metiers
PIM - Perspectives In Motion, M° Porte Maillot
YYP - YogaYoga Paris, 21 rue du Comté, 75007, M° Invalides

For more information please contact moradian.perspectives(at)gmail.com

13 June, 2017

Creating Your Own Practice - Yoga Workshop


If you are looking to create or refine your own home practice before the summer, this may be just the thing ! We’ll look at the type of postures and practices, how they work on the body-mind, how to sequence your practice, and how to set realistic and attainable goals. The aim is for you to have a home practice that is appropriate to your personal aims and needs, and do-able within the constraints of your daily life.


Si vous voulez créer ou raffiner un pratique de yoga pour faire seul(e) chez vous avant l’été, ce stage est pour vous ! Un atelier en français, et un atelier en anglais, nous travaillons sur les type ou genres des postures et pratiques, comment ils travaillent sur le corps-esprit, comment de mis en séquence, et comment de créer un pratique personnel qui vous convienne.

For additional information, including dates and times, please contact
Ann Moradian
06 89 70 23 58

4-hour workshop, 65€
Sunday, June 18, 2017
near Porte Maillot in Paris

04 May, 2017

Fundraising for Mwana Village - supporting children and their mothers in Africa

This Saturday, May 6th, 16h00 - 17h30 with Ann Moradian
at YogaYoga Paris, 6 passage de la vierge, 75007 (M° Ecole Militaire)
Donate what you wish -- all funds go to Mwana Village for their great work in support of children and their mothers in Africa.

Classes throughout the month with teachers from YogaYoga, with thanks to Oliver Bell for contributing the use of his lovely studio, and to Sharon Bales, for organising this great project.