Private Classes & On-site classes for you and your team

COURS COLLECTIFS A PARIS / Open Group Classes in Paris
lundi / Monday 12h30-13h45 - Hatha Flow, workshop series (M° Porte Maillot)
lundi / Monday 19h45-21h00 - Vinyasa Yoga, all levels in English (YYP, beginning January 5)
mardi / Tuesday 12:30-13:30 - Hatha Integral Yoga, all levels (M° Arts & Metiers, CYM)
jeudi / Thursday 17:15-18:30 - Hatha Flow, all levels (M° George V, PYS)
samedi / Saturday 11:15-12:30 - Vinyasa Yoga, all levels in English (M° Ecole Militaire, YYP)

STAGES / Upcoming Workshops

Movement Journey
Saturday, January 10, 2015
14h00-16h00, all levels
45€, registration requested but drop-ins welcome
Exploration incorporating elements from yoga, dance, the martial arts and improvisation, deepening our understanding of who we are, and affirming who we choose to be and to become.

Foundations of Asana (postural) Practice
Workshop at YogaYoga Paris (M° Ecole Militaire)
Sunday, January 25, 2015
11h00-13h30, all levels
50€, registration in advance

Deuxiéme dimanche, 10:00-12:00
en français, pour tous niveaux, 25€
à Espace Oxygène (M° Gambetta)
4 Impasse Cordon Boussard, au niveau 247 rue des Pyrénées 75020
14 décembre -- Chill Out!
11 janvier -- Core Strength
8 février -- Flexibility
8 mars -- Balance
12 avril -- Heart
10 mai -- Hips
14 juin -- Full Flow Asana Practice

COURS COMMUNITAIRE / Community Classes

No current dates scheduled
11:30-13:00, by donation
Hatha Integral Yoga, all levels
in support of Families for Children
at Centre de Yoga du Marais
72 rue Vertbois 75003
(M° Arts & Metiers ou Strasbourg-St. Denis)

PYS - Paris Yoga Shala, 9, rue Magellan, 75008 (M° George V ou Alma-Marceau)
YY - Yoga Yoga, 6 passage de la Vierge 75007 (M° Ecole Militaire)
CYM - Centre de Yoga du Marais, 72 rue Vertbois 75003 (M° Arts & Metiers ou Strasbourg-St. Denis)

Contact : moradian.perspectives(at)
References available on request